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The Shadowrun universe is vast, with a depth that’s compelling and immersive. Core Supplements expand various aspects of the universe, whether it’s the core setting location of Seattle, the spirits and paranormal animals that occupy the Sixth World, what’s like to walk the streets out of the shadows, and more.

Running Wild

Some people like to talk about the peace and tranquility of nature. Their eyes glaze over, and they rave about cool breezes, fresh air, and flittering butterflies.

They’re not paying attention, and that makes them easy pickings for any of the predators, including me. The Sixth World’s a place of eating or being eaten. Sometimes the critters are waiting deep in the jungle; other times they’re hiding in your bedroom closet.

Proving you’re the fittest only ends when you aren’t anymore. Know your prey—it’s the only way to catch them. But remember, you just might be something’s prey too.

Running Wild is a sourcebook for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. It presents a detailed overview of the animals, spirits, and other non-metahuman entities that dwell in the Sixth World: from mundane animals that have survived the incursions of mankind, to paranormals that have Awakened, to emergent animals that have found their own ways to embrace the Matrix, to the spirits and feral AIs that may not even acknowledge metahumanity. Game rules and mechanics are provided for these beings and their unusual abilities, but so are rules for characters to interact with, to augment, and to train the critters presented. Every living being is constantly in search of its ecological niche, Running Wild can make a campaign home to hundreds of them.

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Runner’s Black Book

You've got the talent. You hopefully have lived long enough to collect a decent amount of nuyen. So show if off! Get a better gun. A bigger boat. A zeppelin that can sneak you across borders where no one thinks to look. All these toys are here, and many, many more. Runner's Black Book is a shopping catalog for the ambitious and successful runner--and it's a guide to the weapons, drones and vehicles that the various forces of the Sixth World may send against you as you sneak through the shadows.

Runner's Black Book collects material from Shadowrun's successful PDF line of products, compiling Deadly WavesGun HeavenMilSpecTechThis Old Drone, and Unfriendly Skies in their entirety, along with updated art and information. On top of that, the book includes new pieces of gear developed specifically for this volume, including the punishing Kriss X Submachine Gun and small, smooth TPP light pistol. Each piece of gear is accompanied by a full-color illustration providing a look at the item's complete details and features.

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They can have their offices, their paychecks, their 2.2 kids and their robot-trimmed lawns. Screw ‘em. They trudge through life, doing what other people tell them to do, never having an original thought, burying themselves so deep down inside they might never come out.

You’re not them. The world’s not giving you anything, so you’re going to take what you can get. You’re on the streets, on your own. Maybe you’re helping an orxploitation band shoot to the top, maybe you’re climbing up the street brawl ladder, or maybe you’re getting famous just for being you. Whatever you do, you’ll do it your way, because dying always beats selling out.

Attitude helps shadowrunners live the untethered life by giving them the lowdown on music, entertainment, sports, and other scenes where they can make their mark without selling their soul. A repository of Sixth World culture along with a treasury of new ways to run in the shadows, Attitude is an indispensable resource for all Shadowrun players.

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Runner’s Toolkit

When you go into a tight spot, you go in prepared. One gun might be good, but two is better. And two guns and a grenade launcher is better still. Throw in a spellslinger to watch your back, and you’re on to something.

Runner’s Toolkit is the well-stocked arsenal all runners should have, the ultimate accessory to the Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary core rulebook. Inside you’ll find:

  • A deluxe, four-panel gamemaster’s screen that puts critical information directly in front of you;
  • On the Run, one of Shadowrun’s most popular introductory adventures;
  • Contacts, Adventures, and Sprawl Sites, a booklet that gives you the who, the what, and the where to launch runners on new missions;
  • 4 laminated maps of Sprawl Site locations;
  • The Pre-generated Auxiliary Character and Kit System, a modular system that makes character and NPC generation simple while keeping characters highly customizable;
  • Anatomy of a Shadowrun, a two-column book; one column tells the story of a high-stakes run, while the other details the tests and rules that players involved in the run would encounter, giving gamemasters insight into how a Shadowrun game flows;
  • Six quick reference sheets that, with the gamemaster’s screen, greatly reduces the time spent flipping through books to find a particular rule;
  • A poster of the Sixth World Seattle skyline; and
  • A book compiling tables from ArsenalStreet MagicAugmentation , and Unwired—it’s the ultimate shopping list for runners

Runner’s Toolkit is an adrenaline shot to the heart of your Shadowrun game, jolting your runners and keeping them moving until they end up like all good runners—either rich or dead.

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Seattle 2072

It’s a screwed up city. Isolated from the rest of the UCAS, it’s haven for criminals—smugglers, syndicates, gangers. Legal criminals, too—megacorporations, governments, politicians.As beautiful as she is dysfunctional, Seattle is urban sprawl amid rolling hills and forests nestled up to man-made wonders next door to natural and man-made disasters. Whether you’re a native or not, Seattle will draw you in like no other.You can run for a lifetime and never leave Seattle, but some say you can’t run for a lifetime without entering. Seattle 2072 is compatible with all Shadowrun books.

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  1. Giseisha
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

    I fail to see the “Runner Havens” in this list. Although it wasn’t edited by Catalyst, but by Fanpro, it still is a 4th edition core setting, isn’t it ?

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    Where can one actually buy the “Runner’s Black Book”?

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    Great paintings! This is the kind of information that should be shared across the web. Disgrace on the search engines for now not positioning this put up higher! Come on over and consult with my website . Thank you =)

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    I’m a game store owner. I LOVE Shadowrun, I’m disappointed that so many books are e-book/pdf only. I wish Shadowrun was more supportive to the Brick and Motor, but none the less, I LOVE Shadowrun.

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