Ordering Issues

Catalyst Game Labs’ online ordering—the BattleCorps website—is built on very old code. Thirteen years old, to be specific, which is several generations when it comes to tech. It was enough to get us up and running back in the day, but it developed more problems as time went on—problems we were able to stay on top of with a reasonable amount of time and effort. We got by until this last year, when several changes by our fulfillment center and an attempt to update our software compounded the issues to an extent that we can’t even track down half of the problems it’s now giving us.

At present, a lot of our orders (most, in fact) seem to go through without an issue. But when there is a problem, in some cases we lose all ability to track and reply. We agree this is unacceptable, and we are taking steps to deal with it. We are bringing in a specialist this next week to try to fix our email tracking issue, and we have several days set aside to work on a complete system rebuild using modern software tools.

In the meantime we are trying to get all back orders taken care of as quickly as we can. If any of you are not in communications with someone at Catalyst and feel that your order is outstanding, by all means, feel free to contact randall@catalystgamelabs.com, with the subject BATTLECORPS ORDERING PROBLEM, and he’ll work directly with you and the warehouse in the interim.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Team Catalyst

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