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UCAS, 2058. Less than a year earlier, the great dragon Dunkelzahn had stunned the world by being elected president. Then stunned the world again by dying on his inauguration day. The unrest unleashed by that event hasn’t faded, and it’s not like everything else in the UCAS is going well. Travel to three of the nation’s great cities, and you’ll find plenty of trouble to go around.In Boston, Richard Villiers of the Fuchi Corporation gained a fair amount of stock from Dunkelzahn’s will, but he also lost his head of security to Renraku. He’s feeling both powerful and insecure, which is bad news for the city’s powers that be but great news for the shadows. Meanwhile, in Detroit, everyone and their Doberman are lining up against Damien Knight and Ares, and Knight is going to have to scramble to keep his power. And in Chicago, a nuke and an astral “disease” supposedly cleaned the town up, so the Chicago Containment Zone is open. Outsiders can get inside the core city now—and whatever is inside can get out.Target: UCAS takes Shadowrun players back to one of the most tumultuous years in the Sixth World’s history, providing the information they need to pull off runs in each of these three key cities. Ghouls and bug spirits await, but they’re nothing compared to the fiends that wear suits.

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