Dunkelzahn’s Will

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I Dunkelzahn …

… being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare this to be my last Will and Testament.
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> In an effort to “get to the good stuff” that we’re all interested in hearing about (in other words, who gets what), I have skipped over all of the legal mumbo-jumbo that every such document includes and cut right to the bequests. Because the will consists mostly of short bequests to a broad variety of individuals, I have kept the file read-only in order to keep it from getting cluttered with a lot of babble. Discussion of the will can be posted in the related SIG linked to this file. Once in that area, keep your posts related to the topic at hand or they will be nuked without mercy. This is your only warning.
> Captain Chaos
Transmitted on 15 August 2057, at 12:46:19 (EST)

On the Execution of my Will
I have managed to accumulate considerable possessions over the course of my lifetime, almost against my will. That, I suppose, is the nature of dragons, to acquire and accumulate physical representations of our long memories and pasts. We are sentimental creatures at heart; I have yet to know a dragon who can simply throw away anything possessing even the smallest amount of meaning to him.

To see to the Herculean task of administering my ridiculously vast estate and assure that my wishes are carried out, I authorize my executor, Nadja Daviar, to use what funds are necessary from the balance of my estate for the establishment of the Draco Foundation. This Foundation will have a Board of Trustees consisting of Ms. Daviar and six others to be appointed by her. The trustees will oversee the administration of the Foundation and the execution of my last wishes as described in this will.

I suppose it is necessary that I acknowledge how dramatically I have broken from the traditions of my race by arranging for my effects to be distributed according to my own instructions. I will simply say that this is an eminently sensible idea I borrowed from humankind with the sole intention of avoiding the traditionally destructive events that almost always follow the death of one of our kind. I hereby warn my fellow dragons against contesting this document in the usual way, for doing so will reflect poorly on our reputations in this Awakened age.

I have been compiling and updating this document off and on for many years, always striving to make my will accurately represent … well, my will. (My understanding is that most humans use their wills as instruments of encouragement and revenge, and it seemed like an excellent idea.) If I appear to have missed the mark, then please view my efforts charitably, and keep in mind that I take the very long view of things. In addition to designating specific recipients for the many things I have accumulated that will serve a better purpose in other hands, I have made bequests that I hope will foster the development of some of my favorite metahuman characteristics.

I have always wished to aid metahumanity in its quest for knowledge, but have been reminded by a friend that I should not deny them the joy of discovery in doing so. Therefore, I have committed certain assets to encourage the most noble endeavor of the human intellect. I have found in my long life that truth is quite often a matter of opinion, and that it is possible for many truths to be held by many people at the same time without one truth being necessarily greater than another. It is my wish to advance the cause of truth in the world only as much as I can advance understanding. The concept that all beings are equal in the eyes of the Universe, regardless of their appearance or origins, without concern for their beliefs, goes against millennia of human history in which slavery, torture and murder were the order of the day for those where did not conform to the will of the State. More amazing still is that a nation founded upon such a radical principle was able to survive and prosper. Thereforce, I have committed certain assets to honor the revolutionary dream that sparked a vision of a world where justice prevailed for all.

To Nadja Daviar, my faithful translator and assistant, keeper of my hopes and dreams for the future, who spoke for me to millions around the world, I leave the bulk of my estate, save for those items named in this will. I name Nadja Daviar the executor of my estate and Chairman of the Draco Foundation, in which capacity she will appoint a board of trustees to oversee the execution of this will in accordance with my wishes.

To Akira Kageyama, I leave my Vancouver condoplex and the monies in the trust fund established in his name.

After much research and hundreds of bags of burned Nuke-and-Pop, I leave 20 million nuyen to the holder of the patent for the twentieth-century process that produced popcorn capable of being popped over an open flame (this dragon’s method of choice). I believe it was called Speedy Pop, or Quick Pop, or something similar. The patent holder must use this money to renew the patent and resume production.

Because we who occupy the physical world do not live here alone, the Draco Foundation is directed to establish the Astral Space Preservation Society. The goals of the ASPS are as follows: to monitor potential abuses of astral space and its denizens; to protect the rights of denizens of astral space; to establish a set of parameters that will facilitate a working relationship between spirits and metahumanity; and finally, to create a sanctuary in astral space for beings in search of a safe retreat. The ASPS will be administered by the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research (DIMR) in cooperation with any and all free spirits interested in joining this project.

To VisionCrafters, I leave the sum of 20 million nuyen for research into advanced optics.

For research into magical phenomena considered dangerous to (meta)humanity, such as the foveae in Aztlan and the recent tragedy in Chicago, I leave 4 million nuyen, to be administered by the Draco Foundation.

To Markus Dammembaum, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation.

For the establishment of the Ancient Wisdom Fund for Education, I leave 10 million nuyen. This fund will offer scholarships to students in scientific and technological fields, and will be administered by a board of trustees appointed by the Draco Foundation.

I offer ownership of the First Key of Power to the government of either Tir Tairngire or Tír na nÓg, whichever nation first publicly discloses the complete personal histories of all of its high government officials. This disclosure must be supervised by the Draco Foundation in accordance with my instructions. Speratemel rel timaan perest? Hellon Sperethiel.

To Aden, I leave the Shroud of Shadows. May its shade cool the heat of your desert home as well as the tempers that flare around it.

In order to reduce the number of innocent bystanders who die each day as a result of security officers firing on criminals, I leave a five-pound brick of orichalcum to either Lone Star or Knight Errant, whichever first develops an inexpensive, effective, non-lethal stun technology accurate at 100 meters.

In memory of John Timmons, my first voice to the people of the 21st century who died because of hatred and misunderstanding, I leave 12 million nuyen to create the John Timmons Memorial Foundation for the Advancement of Equality. This organization, headed by a board to be appointed by my executor, will advance the cause of equal rights for all peoples, regardless of physical appearance, beliefs or origin.

To NewsNet I leave 2 million nuyen for an investigation into the circumstances of my death (whatever they may be) and the production of a comprehensive documentary on the events surrounding my demise.

To Lorelei Angel, whose voice is like that of the stars, I know from our conversations that you have no further need for wealth. So I leave 3 million nuyen to be donated in your name to the charity of your choice.

For the study of magic in all its aspects, I earmark 100 million nuyen for establishing the DIMR. The Draco Foundation will appoint a management team, to consist of one member from each of the following: MIT&T, the Atlantean Foundation, the Native American nations, Tír na nÓg, the University of Chicago, the universities competing in southern California and the People’s University in Berkeley, the Lagenzell Institute, the Oxford Royal College of Magicians, and my old friend Ehran, also known as the Scribe.

For purposes of research, I leave my body to the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research.

To Yakashima Technologies, I leave the sum of 150 million nuyen, to be used for biotechnology research and the development of products to benefit the people of the world.

To Aithne Oakforest, I leave the Rose Crystal, in hopes of soothing old wounds and healing the rifts they have caused.

To the first party that develops a species of plant hardy enough to flourish in and eventually clean the smog-choked atmosphere of such cities as Tenochtitlán, I leave 20 million nuyen.

I leave 100,000 nuyen for each of the following people to be rescued from the Chicago Containment Zone: James Delany, Dr. Edward Oden, Gregory Armtwister, Protacio Corcoran, Katherine Sitsu and Sissel McCarthy.

To Brock Higginbotham, I leave my controlling interest in the Pleasure Dome Hotel in Palm Springs, CFS, on the condition that he stay at Ubehebe Crater in the Mojave Desert from one full moon to the next.

To Alamais, I leave the fruitcake we have exchanged every Christmas since 2020. Unlike you, I’m really dead.

To the party who finds the bones of the dragon skeleton for which I possess the head, I offer two options. You may keep the bones, or turn them over to the Draco Foundation for a reward. All discoveries must be independently verified as dragon bones, such identification to be made by any living dragon. The Draco Foundation will assemble all pieces of the skeleton it receives and display the result in the Smithsonian Institution for the edification of the general public. My admittedly incomplete research indicates the following coordinates as likely locations for dragon bones: Latitude 41°, Longitude 121°; Latitude 41° 50n, Longitude 87° 45w; Latitude 47° 21n, Longitude 122° 12w; Latitude 19° 24n, Longitude 99° 9w; Latitude 65°, Longitude 130°; Latitude 39° 44n, Longitude 104° 59w.

To Amy Park, I leave the title to the Buhne Building, in appreciation for the best burgers in the California Free State.

[This following paragraph is to be placed in the public-access area of the Matrix.] ATTENTION! To any and all persons capable of discovering “where a Rock meets the Sky,” the 2 million nuyen, amulets and weapons at that place are yours for the keeping provided that you accomplish the task described in the enclosed datachips within 1 year of my demise. The anime will accompany you to make sure the job is done properly. Because this endeavor is of special personal interest to me, I have taken numerous precautions to assure its completion.

To Ryumyo, the first of our kind to be seen in this modern age, I leave my envy at stealing my chance to be the very first dragon as well as the Ring Ouroboros, since it is the early bird who catches the wyrm.

I leave 1 million nuyen to any group or individual who ensures the safe return of Mary-Beth Tyre to her home. Mary-Beth was kidnapped April 30, 2051, just after her sixth birthday. She was last seen in Roanoke, Virginia. Her survival is critical.

To any person born on December 8, 1980: present yourself to the Draco Foundation at any time, and the Foundation will grant you one wish. This century should mourn for the losses of that century.

In the name of the Misguided Six, I give 250,000 nuyen to establish a fund to assist victims of magical crimes, as well as their families and loved ones.

I leave 500,000 nuyen to the American Association for the Advancement of Thaumaturgy, to educate the public about the nature of magic. Magic and science are equal parts of humanity’s heritage, and there need be no quarrel between them.

To Robert J. Hemedes, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation.

To any person who can prove he or she shook hands with John F. Kennedy, present yourself to the Draco Foundation at any time, and the Foundation will grant you one wish. He seemed like a nice person.

To Beatrice Wilder of Paris, I leave my mountain retreat at Rikon, near Zurich. May it give you the solitude you seek.

To any person who possesses a ticket stub to Maria Mercurial’s only foray into country music, performed at My Brother’s Place in the Nashville sprawl: present yourself to the Draco Foundation at any time, and the Foundation will grant you one wish. I believe the saying is, be careful what you wish for—you may well get it.

To Robert Khamdeng, I leave the Weeping Stone of Ta’bel and the optical chip labeled “BK-924” found in the second drawer of my writing desk at my residence in Toronto.

To Sean Laverty, I leave my estate in Tir Tairngire. The garden there is quite beautiful and I hope that it will remain so.

To George “Locomotive” Fenamore, wherever he is at present, I sadly bequeath the locked steel box number 412 from my private vault at the Manhattan Citibank Depository. The box is not to be opened until he deems it absolutely necessary, or until my comrade manages to successfully “survive” another Double Tuesday. I pray the darkness ends for you someday.

To the executor of my will, Nadja Daviar, I grant full disposition of the other fifteen boxes marked for George Fenamore, or his descendants, should any of them ever ask. If not, upon your own demise, they are to be summarily destroyed UNOPENED in the main microwave blast furnace of Bethlehem Steel, Pa.

To Bethlehem Steel, I leave 2 million nuyen for the purpose of the immediate destruction of fifteen steel boxes, UNOPENED, when and if they are delivered to the main furnace crew boss, and the additional amount of 500,000 nuyen to the crew boss as danger money to be distributed to his crew in the event of injuries resulting from this task. If the task is accomplished without mishap, the crew boss may keep the full amount or disburse it as he wishes.

To Alachia, I leave the Everliving Flower. I have no more use for it.

To the first party to develop a self-motivational robotic unit that meets the specifications laid out by the Draco Foundation, I leave 10 million nuyen for continued research.

To David Lloyd Ford, I leave 2.5 million nuyen, to be used to continue his ministry. May such faith always enlighten the world.

To Buttercup of Yamatetsu Corporation, I leave my complete collection of comic books with respect for our mutual appreciation of the art form. Not manga, I know, but you could stand to develop a taste for some of the classics, my dear.

To Casey Williams, I leave 4 million nuyen. Good hunting!

To the first one thousand SINless metahumans to show up at the Seattle offices of the Draco Foundation at 10:00 a.m. on the 12th of October, 2058, I bequeath one valid SIN apiece.

To Dr. Miles Swinburne, I leave my antique tarot deck. May you benefit from the insights it can offer you.

To Captain Chaos, I leave the encrypted file JackBNimble. Whatever rewards it reveals are yours. I had no success trying to decrypt this thing, but I’ve always believed it contained some communication from another world. Of course, I could be wrong. I’ve also notified the Draco Foundation to provide for your well-being in the event the file deals you a debilitating injury.

To the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research, I leave one year’s worth of talon clippings.

To Mothers of Metahumans, I leave 1 million nuyen to continue their valuable work in promoting social acceptance of metahuman children born to human parents. By loving and accepting your different offspring, you have shown wisdom that all of us would do well to emulate.

To Noriaki Ikeda, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation.

To Carla Brooks, my skilled security advisor and aide, I leave the dagger Wyrmstooth along with the sum of 5 million nuyen. I hope you will continue to serve my estate as well as you served me.

To Eddie Samuelson, I leave the deeds to my La Bella Italia restaurants in New York, Prince Edward Island and Lake Louise. Thanks for picking up the tab one last time.

To Darius Vemizelos, curator, and Scholar Zaimis Kaphandaris of the Crete Occult Museum, I leave steel box number 212, which contains the ancient bronze blade that I have dubbed The Spear of Destiny. Whether or not that name applies is for them to prove. Or disprove. Personally, I have never quite had the time to find out.

To further encourage an end to the use of blood magic by Aztechnology and other parties, I offer a bounty of 1 million nuyen on any blood mages captured alive and delivered to the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research for the purposes of studying the effects of blood magic use on metahumanity. I further authorize the Draco Foundation to provide suitable rewards for the receipt of verifiable accounts of blood magic use, the rewards to reflect the usefulness of the information provided.

To Wuxing, Incorporated, I leave the sum of 200 million nuyen per our previous agreement.

To Yee Chan, I leave the Tome of Terrin.

To Damien Knight, I leave my antique chess set, except for the black king piece. I hope you find another worthy opponent. It was only 60 seconds, old friend, but what a ride!

To Gaeatronics’ Seattle laboratories, I leave 250 million nuyen for the purpose of research into Dr. Dawn Crowfeather’s treatise, “On the Relationship between Mana and Nuclear Energy.”

To Darrick Erding, I leave the Banner of the Red Dragon out of respect for his heritage. Use it well.

To the corporations and governments of the world, I leave the formula for an infant vaccination that should be administered to all children born after 31 October 2060.

To Dr. Alan Gordon, I leave my First Folio edition of Al Azif. Use it well, when and if you must.

To the first party to identify the victim in the accompanying photo and bring his five perpetrators to justice, I leave the access codes to my property in Paris. The Draco Foundation will release the codes upon receipt and verification of a complete account of the investigation, including the fate of the victim and the perpetrators.

To Ehran the Scribe, I leave my library of rare first editions, including my Shakespeare folios.

To Juan Atzcapotzalco of Aztechnology, I leave the contents of the sealed box held in trust at the Houston Premier Bank. It must be opened on the first day of the next Festival de Muertos to occur in Aztlan (though legally banned, we both know the festival still occurs). I swear on my name that the box and its contents pose no danger to you or Aztechnology. Do not disobey these instructions, or the results could be most unfortunate.

To Universal Omnitech, I leave the sum of 120 million nuyen to continue their research in genetics and bioengineering.

To the band Shield Wall, I leave 10 million nuyen for the completion of their rock opera, “The Mother of the Sea.”

To Federated Boeing, the land and mineral rights to the volcanic island that will erupt 301 kilometers due west of Petrolia on October 3rd, 2060.

To Dagnaitiowki’sk’owsrin, I leave the simchip catalogued as “Epoch of Blood” located in my private vaults at VisionQuest.

To the United Talismonger’s Association, I leave the node NA/NOCAL/RED-0789, all associated hardware and software, and my contract for the support of Etheric Computing Services. Should UTA not have brought the Matrix Monocle onto the market by 1 January 2060, this bequest will revert to Xerxes Positive Research Tank’s Mendocino Laboratory.

To Fionnuala O’Donnell, I leave my Chivas Regal bag full of gold pieces. (Not quite the standard, I know, but a whole potful seemed … excessive.)

To Helena Rossum, 10 million nuyen and my sincere apologies on the hand Fate has dealt you this time.

In order to discourage the proliferation of toxic shamans, I offer a bounty of 1 million nuyen on any toxic shamans captured alive and delivered to the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research for the purposes of studying the effects of toxicity on the physical and astral presence of such shamans, and how they in turn impact the physical and astral world.

Because I believe that we will not eliminate the poison of toxic shamans until we eliminate the poisons fouling the earth, I further offer substantial rewards to those parties willing and able to detoxify polluted areas across the globe. Interested parties should contact the Draco Foundation for funds and and a description of the conditions accompanying those funds.

To the first party to create a perpetual motion machine without the aid of magic, I leave the heretofore undiscovered notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.

To Smedley Pembrenton III, I leave the Avalon nightclub in Boston and all deeds and titles associated with it.

To Henry Higgins, I leave my bottle of Chateau Lauren 1862. A votre sante, mon ami.

To Joseph Runk, I leave 200,000 nuyen for the express purpose of attending MIT&T, on the condition that he major in Cognitive Sciences or Thaumaturgical Studies.

To Hestaby, I leave the encryption key to my private datastore on board the Zurich Orbital Habitat. Use the knowledge you find there well, as I know that you will.

To Leonard Aurelius of Ares Macrotechnology, I leave the black king of my antique chess set. May you prove a worthy opponent.

To the Randall Grant Memorial Scholarship Fund, I leave 1 million nuyen to further the education of worthy but financially deprived applicants with magical potential.

To Inazo Aneki of Renraku, I leave the Seal of the Green Gloves, which will permit you or your proxy to enter Tibet. Use your time there as you will, but do not abuse the privilege or you will suffer for your misdeeds.

To Bob Cardino, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation.

To James Telestrian III, I leave the Gainsborough original and Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” Second Folio edition, from my collection as proof that all beauty in the world has one true source, but many outlets of expression.

To Giselda Harby, I leave my house in Myer’s Flat, together with all its defenses.

To Jane Foster, I leave you the dragon ring that you wear, a small token from an old wyrm, as well as my everlasting respect. You are indeed worthy of your heritage and I hope that you are proof of what is to come for us.

To the first ghoul community to be legally recognized by the United Nations, I leave 2 million nuyen, to further understanding and tolerance of ghouls as a race and allow them to live in peace with other metahumans.

To Jill Taylor, I leave the Tradeus Manual—if you can find it. Start in Canal Park.

To the Tokyo Shoe nightclub in Seattle, I leave my complete first-printing collection of Godjira and related films. Long may your club roar.

To Hualpa, who has already achieved so much, I leave the Elemental Scrolls of Ak’le’ar. Though they are not our work, there is much wisdom to be learned from them. May your continued efforts to protect what others would destroy be successful.

To Tan Tien Incorporated, I leave 50 million nuyen and all data relating to my experiments with direct cerebral series linkage.

To Jeremy Goldsmith, I leave the recipe to Ms. Grundland’s Peanut Butter Cookies, as well as related trademarks and copyrights. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

To Laura RedFeather, location unknown, I bequeath one SOTA Firelight. I also assign 1 million nuyen to hire personnel, preferably from D Team, to deliver the Firelight to her if she has not surfaced to claim her inheritance before one month has passed.

To Janet Chee, I leave my property near Devil’s Hat, on the condition that the hills and canyons remain undeveloped. Should any development take place on these lands, the property will immediately revert to the Ute Nation for purposes of establishing a national park.

To Matthew Taylor, I leave my vintage 2017 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. May it amuse you as much as it did me.

To Lionel George Astor, I leave the Maltese Falcon, in gratitude for having introduced me to the film of the same name. I also leave 30,000 nuyen for the Friends of Film Noir—I hope your vid-to-simchip transfer project goes well.

To Miles Lanier, head of Fuchi Internal Security, I leave 4 million shares of stock in Renraku Corporation, plus the board seat to which said shares entitle him.

To the first party to develop an efficient and effective Matrix connection for dolphins, elephants and/or satyrs, and dragons, I leave the access codes to four Zurich-Orbital accounts and a personal visit from Lofwyr.

To Lofwyr, I leave the Jewel of Memory and a bit of advice: consider your works and the possibility that, in the eyes of the Universe, you are no more or less than any of the Earth’s creatures. I tried it, and it works wonders.

To Toshi Akimura, I leave my property in the French Quarter of New Orleans and access to the trust fund I have established in his name.

To Manadyne Corporation, I leave the sum of 80 million nuyen to further their magical research in accordance with our standing agreement.

To Kara Lazear, I leave 160,000 nuyen and the deed to 1428 Elm Street, Phoenix, Pueblo Corporate Council.

To Niall O’Connor: I salute your devotion to spreading the truth and so I leave you the Ring of Truth. May it give you the voice of prophecy like the bards of old.

To the first party to determine what lies behind the door of room 5B78 of the Aztechnology Pyramid in Tenochtitlán and file a report of their findings on Shadowland, I leave 5 million nuyen or medical care for the remainder of their natural life, whichever seems most appropriate.

To Lung, I leave the Second Coin of Luck in hopes that he might benefit from the long view as I have.

To Karl Kochvar, I leave the Goodman Theatre chain. May your designs grow ever larger.

To Padraic Byrne at the University of Galway, 130,000 nuyen and apologies for the broken picture window.

To Maureen Williams, I leave the trust fund at Silicon Valley Virtual Bank, account 0456 967 0145 8620, for the purpose of establishing a free school in Orkland.

To James Meiers, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation.

In order to promote harmony among the races, I authorize the Draco Foundation to establish and administer endowments for schools that have successfully created a multiracial learning environment in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in the following cities: Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth, New Orleans, and Milwaukee.

To Rebel Enterprise Investments, I leave the sum of 20 million nuyen for their continued investment and growth.

To Mealla Del Marco, I grant the custody of Morgan Leroy Hall until he reaches his majority at the age of eighteen, on the condition that he is to be raised and schooled in the United Canadian American States. If this condition cannot be met, his custody shall return to Kara Lazear. I trust that you will care for him in a fitting manner, and perhaps you shall in return get the son you deserve.

To Morgan Leroy Hall, on the occasion of his reaching his majority at eighteen years of age on June 28, 2071, I leave all stocks in my Florence portfolio. Until this time, no transactions may take place involving these stocks. Any votes to which these shares are entitled shall be undertaken by Morgan’s legal guardian. I also leave 1 million nuyen in a trust fund to be managed by his legal guardian for his care and schooling until his twenty-first birthday, the remainder of which will transfer to Morgan Hall on his twenty-first birthday.

To the first party to determine what the accompanying photos of Mars, taken by NASA just prior to the Ares Macrotechnology buyout, represent and who can prove their theory to the Draco Foundation, I leave 1 percent interest in Ares.

To Meynt-Zai Industries, I leave all rights of ownership, funds and stock in Proteus Subsystems on the condition that Adam Goines is granted the position of Co-President/Chief Executive Officer.

To the first party to successfully explain the existence, abilities and origin of the children of the Matrix, known as the otaku, I leave 5 million nuyen for continued research into the relationship between mind and machine.

To Ms. Leslie Lockhart, I leave 800,000 nuyen to be used for her care and schooling, plus copies of all of her mother’s sims.

To Phoenix Biotechnologies, 20 million nuyen for use in your research into the behavioral differences between males and females.

To Muirico, I leave free reign to the area of astral and physical space within one kilometer of the copse of stunted evergreens on my Prince Edward Island estate.

To Abraxas Industries, I leave the sum of 100 million nuyen for their continued investment and growth.

To Nine Lives, whom I last saw in the Lucky Strike Tavern on the outskirts of Tacoma, I leave 10,000 nuyen. Here’s hoping you’ll put this gift to better use than my last one. (You simply must learn not to be so careless.)

To Londa Cannon of Ohio, I leave my personally autographed picture of Elvis onboard the mothership. I hope she draws the same inspiration (and conclusions) as I.

To the first party to develop successful communication between metahumanity and dolphins, elephants and/or satyrs, I leave 40 million nuyen and his/her/their choice of any of the Cayman Islands.

To Richard Villiers of Fuchi Corporation, I leave my shares in Fuchi Corp for him to do with as he pleases.

To Perianwyr, I leave the remainder of my music collection. I have a great deal of appreciation for anyone who prefers to hoard beauty and art, for they are the greatest treasures we have.

To Mina Graff-Beloit or her oldest living descendant, I leave the promissory notes for sums owed to VisionQuest by various wholly-owned subsidiaries of Saeder-Krupp.

To Richard Edmond “Red” Thompson, I leave the title to the customized GMC Riverine Delta Devil; the craft is already in his possession.

To Bradley Beavers, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation.

To the first party to create a cure for any of the current strains of flu, especially the rare and deadly Dragon flu, I leave half my stock in the Fort Howard Bristol-Meyers Squibb Corporation.

To Reliable Imaging, I bequeath 300,000 nuyen to resume funding of the multi-phased simrig project.

To Lucien Cross of Cross Applied Technologies, I leave the undiscovered da Vinci entitled “Seraphim.”

To Seattle-based trideo station KSAF, 4 million nuyen to be used expressly for the purpose of hiring freelancers, 12 million nuyen to be used for the purpose of increasing security, and 10 million nuyen to be used as a slush fund. These monies must be used before New Year’s Eve, 2059 or the remainder shall revert to my estate. Also, the contents of the bookshelves in my bedroom at my home in Maine, along with instructions on the order in which they should be read.

To the first party to successfully invent an artificial mechanism capable of producing and sustaining a magical effect with no assistance from a living magician or spirit, I leave 8 million nuyen for additional research into the fusion of magic and technology.

To Sharon Chiang-Wu, I leave the Third Coin of Luck.

If the owners of the bas relief sculptures commonly known as “Pre-Bronze Age Cave Reliefs 1–12” will bring these pieces to the Museum of Modern Art, the current assistant curator of the sculpture collection will prove that these twelve pieces can be assembled into a single work. In return, the owners will receive an equal share of all proceeds from the sale of my first and only attempt at free-form sculpture. (I must admit I was very disappointed in the result of this foray into an unfamiliar art form, and I’m afraid I lost my temper and smashed it. Imagine my surprise at finding the pieces being regarded as art!)

To Rhonabwy, I leave the Silver Songbird. A poor reflection of that most beautiful of voices, but still a feast for the appreciative ear.

To Sierra Incorporated, I bequeath my 17,300 acres of land in Northern California, to be used as a reserve for indigenous wildlife. No development may take place on these lands, and no creatures may be removed from them under any circumstances without their express permission.

To Tamara Gordon, I leave my collection of Gothic romances. May she find them inspirational.

To the government of Amazonia, I leave the Pale Orchid and the Ashes of the Great Tree. Use them to help protect the world from itself, but do not forget the lessons of the past or assume that your wisdom is greater than Nature’s.

To Sophie Yarborough, I leave the Hope diamond. Please forgive me for never giving you the ring I promised, but circumstances conspired against us. Do not fear the supposed curse this stone carries, for what we shared is strong enough to overcome the accumulated years of fear and greed impressed upon this precious bauble. You were often in my thoughts and dreams.

To the first party to fully explain the basis for magical ability in homo sapiens and provide documented research of their discoveries, I leave 10 million nuyen, to further the world’s understanding and advancement of humanity’s magical capabilities in general.

To Sierra Incorporated, I leave 2 million nuyen to aid them in protecting the environment from exploitation.

To the first party to spend 24 hours in Glamis Castle during a full moon, I leave the castle, its furnishings and the grounds historically associated with it. “Good things of day begin to droop and drowse/while night’s black agents to their preys do rouse.”

To Theodore Winslow of Lone Star Security Services, I leave an antique sheriff’s badge worn by Wyatt Earp, a reminder that this is not the shoot-out at the OK Corral.

To the Atlantean Foundation, I leave 5 million nuyen to further their search for the truth. I also leave the fingerbone of St. Dunstan (the real one), as a reminder that truth is not always easy to separate from fiction.

To the first party to capture and successfully breed Ecuadorean honey ants, I leave 8 million nuyen for the expansion of the breeding program.

To SilveryK, I leave my private can opener program. You know where to find it on the Matrix, and the IC has been programmed to accept your ID in the event of my death. Have fun. I am so very glad I won’t be here to see what you do with it.

To the Aztechnology corporation, I leave the Sexton of Worlds, with the provision that the corporation and the government of Aztlan ban the practice of blood magic in territories under their jurisdiction within a year of my death and submit to an outside investigation to verify this ban, the investigator to be designated by and answerable to the Draco Foundation.

To the bearer of SIN 5T2G-8U6V-PK02: present yourself to the Draco Foundation on any Wednesday between 10:00 and 10:15 a.m., and the Foundation will grant you one wish. This offer stands good for one year from the day of my death. I believe the saying is, be careful what you wish for—you may well get it.

To Lugh Surehand, I leave the Torc of Rhiannon. May you wear it in good health and your land prosper thereby.

To the first party to find my lair in the Caucasus Mountains, I leave its contents, including clues to the location of two other lairs. In the third lair, you will find a plain brown scroll case. Return the case to the Draco Foundation unopened, and you will receive my lucky preces foot. May it bring you all the good fortune it brought me.

To the current head houngan of the Caribbean League, I leave one year’s worth of talon clippings.

To the Daughters of the Circle, I leave the Onyx Unicorn in the hope that they will find its true owner. If they fail to do so within a year of my death, ownership reverts to the Draco Foundation.

To Holly Brighton, my dear friend and one of the most exceptional humans it has been my pleasure to know, I leave ownership of Lake Louise and the VisionQuest Virtual Theme Park and its subsidiary companies and support services. It is my wish that she continue to reside there as she has done these past years.

To David Dollinger, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation.

To the elusive TX, whom I know exists, I leave 10 million nuyen on the condition that she come in from the shadows and report to the UCAS government for testing and training. I give her full assurances that she will not be harmed. I further authorize my executor to grant this same sum to any person or group of people who find TX and bring her, alive and undamaged, to any UCAS military installation. I authorize an additional 10 million nuyen for the hiring of qualified individuals to escort her safely home and, if necessary, to avenge any mistreatment of her with extreme prejudice.

To the first company to create edible synthetic flesh for ghouls, I leave 2 million nuyen with which to develop a complete and diverse product line.

To Melody Tyger, I leave the sum of 10 million nuyen to complete and fund the performance of her “Fearful Symmetry” world tour. Your words ring true, making them most worthy to be heard. Let no one silence you.

To the first party to determine what lies behind the door of room 1835 in the Renraku Arcology in Seattle and report their findings to the Draco Foundation, I leave 5 million nuyen.

To Jawwad Nakhan, I leave 3 million nuyen for the express purpose of continuing his research on the effects of mana on latent autosomes, on the condition that he publicly release his findings.

To the first party to develop a magic item that can be used by a mundane, I leave the medium-sized chunk of orichalcum I keep in my sock drawer at Lake Louise.

To Carras Communications I bequeath 1 million nuyen for marketing its products.

To Robert Page, I leave my copy of an ancient text that proves elves are not the only race to possess a unique language. Take pride in your heritage and continue to promote the rights of your people, for the orks have always fought to rise above the position in which others would keep them. May this document aid your struggle up from below.

To the first party to establish a self-sustaining community of no fewer than 100 persons on the ocean floor, I leave 5 million nuyen.

To Jenna Ni’Fairra, I leave the Book of Leaves. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, according to humans. If that is true, and it seems likely, then perhaps it is time we all learned.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy, I leave all books copyrighted before 1960 from my New York library.

To the first party to revitalize any three species of flora or fauna currently near extinction and successfully return them to their native environment, or successfully adapt those species to a new environment, I leave 30 million nuyen and funds for further research to be provided by the Draco Foundation.

To Maria Mercurial, I leave my collection of vintage jazz and blues albums. May they bring you as much enjoyment as your music has always brought me.

To Wu Lung-Wei, I leave the Jade Dragon of Wind and Fire.

To the first party who successfully cultivates the Brazilian kiwi outside its native environment, I leave 10 million nuyen and funds for further research to be provided by the Draco Foundation.

To the government of the United Canadian and American States, I leave the Tapestry of Fate, to hang in the home of the President as a reminder of Fate’s power to change our lives.

To the Gunderson Corporation of Miami, I leave to the present CEO all of my preferred stock in the company to be disposed of as he or she wishes, with the condition that the work continues without pause per our verbal agreement of 17 July 2056. And I add my personal wish of good luck.

To the first party to discover what lies behind the door of room 429 of the Saeder-Krupp offices in Berlin and report their findings to Lofwyr, I leave the Arrow of Red Dragon Slaying.

To Craig Sanchez, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation.

For a period of ten days beginning on 14 February 2057, Lars J. Matthews will cease to possess any legal status. He will be stripped of all evidence of legal existence, including SIN, credsticks, DocWagon contract, bank accounts and so on. To the individual or group who ends Lars J. Matthews’ physical existence during those ten days, I leave all of Matthews’ assets and 1 million nuyen for a job well done. If Mr. Matthews survives and can prove his identity, his legal status and all possessions will be restored to him. Haven’t you heard? Never deal with a dragon, Lars.

To the Joseph Campbell Mythology Society I leave 500,000 nuyen to continue keeping the work and dreams of Professor Campbell alive.

To the most direct descendent of either Howard Carter or George Herbert, Fifth Earl of Carnarvon, whichever shows up first, I leave the nose of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

To the Mountain Dragons Urban Brawl team, I leave ownership of the franchise to the team members and their manager, to be divided equally among them. You have consistently amazed me with your spirit and tenacity.

To the first party to successfully grow cactus on the ocean floor and produce an acre of wheat in low orbit, I leave 20 million nuyen.

To Terri Ann Riberio, I leave ownership of vid-station KZHN in Los Angeles, CFS and all of my stock in MegaMedia, Brilliant Genesis Studios and Amalgamated Studios. I further leave an additional 30 million nuyen to Ms. Riberio for the production of a film biography of my modern life and times. Terri, you have always been a speaker of the truth as well as a crafter of dreams and I hope that you will continue to do both in the future.

To the New Wine Fellowship, I leave the lands and buildings of Crusader Church.

To the owner of the sky-blue Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit that was crushed by a falling chunk of plascrete on October 26, 2045, I leave my 1964-1/2 candy-apple red Ford Mustang convertible. Sorry for the inconvenience—I had an itch that I couldn’t reach and caught the corner of the building with my claw.

To the MetaErgonomic Division of Yamatetsu, I leave Mountain King Engineering, that both may benefit from the effects of serendipity.

To the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, I leave the gold-filigree-and-enamel box containing Rasputin’s heart.

To the people of the UCAS, I leave Prince Edward Island and my estate thereon, including the necessary monies to maintain my estate in perpetuity as a public park. Ownership of the island will revert to its residents.

To Zor Entertainment, I leave 3 million nuyen for expansion of its recording studios and marketing of its labels.

To the Provisional Government of the Yucatan, I leave 3 million nuyen and the hope that they will succeed in their struggle for freedom.

To Xerxes Positive Research Tank, specifically its Mendocino Laboratory, I leave Neptune’s Net.

To Keiiha of the Lake Louise centaurs, I leave the meadows and forests in which your people live. Take care of them, old friend.

To the Shadowland Nexus, I leave ownership and control of certain Matrix LTG sites, the locations and passcodes and titles of which have already been transmitted to you under my electronic signature. You have indeed “taken all knowledge to be your province,” and the world has profited greatly thereby. Use these resources wisely, that it may continue to do so.

To the Sisterhood of Ariadne, I leave one year’s worth of talon clippings.

To Arleesh, who I know has no use for things of this world, I leave the hope that your efforts will be successful. You will have the complete cooperation of the Draco Foundation when it is needed for your work.

To the University of Cheyenne, I leave 100,000 nuyen and a detailed map of the archaeological site near the town of Oraibi. Excavate with care.

To Thomas Nolan, I leave my home outside of Vancouver and the land surrounding it. I believe you will find the library well-stocked and the security adequate.

To Aina, my dear friend who has suffered so, I leave the most important thing that I have to offer: hope. Hope for change, hope for life and hope for beauty. It is a rare quality in this day and age and perhaps the most valuable thing that I have to offer. I urge you to join the Draco Foundation and so take a small step toward re-joining the world. Hope need no longer be an endangered species.

To Jan Petersen of Saeder-Krupp Aerospace, I leave promissory notes for sums owed to me personally by the Vice President of Ressha Corporation, a Shiawase subsidiary.

To Oliver McClure of Quebéc City, I leave my voting stock in Aztechnology and the board seat to which that entitles you. It was refreshing to find such a thoroughly honest man making an adequate living in these times that make such a thing so difficult. I hope that you will prove to be a good influence on the board, and perhaps remind them of the surpassing brightness of the metahuman soul.

To Sirrurg, the Destroyer: though we have never understood one another, I respect your conviction. Because I know you value nothing else of mine, I leave you with my respect and that alone.

I leave Gavilan Ventures to Nadja Daviar and appoint her acting head of that corporation. I also leave to my dear friend a sealed envelope containing the details of my seven-year plan for this asset.

To Arthur Vogel, I leave my seat on the board of Ares Macrotechnology. Read every report to which you are entitled, and judge the effects of the corporation’s actions with an open mind. I believe you will see the fundamental error of the toxic way. Carry on the good fight—this time in earnest.

To Glenn Dudley, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation.

To Lady Brane Deigh, I leave a set of antique path cards. May they help to illuminate your wisdom in the days ahead and place you in touch with the past you hold so dear.

To Toshiro Mistuhama of Mistuhama Computer Technologies, I leave an ancestral katana forged by the master swordsmith Masamune. May its quality remind you of the value of art and beauty coupled with the qualities of honor, courage and loyalty.

To the Upper Sandusky Magicians Society, I leave 25 million nuyen to fulfill the following request according to the instructions provided here. The Draco Foundation will provide to USMS a list of my five favorite ally spirits, one at a time, and a list of five individuals. The Society must summon each of these spirits and command it to perform a specific task, as defined below. To protect the rights of the spirits, the summoning magician must agree to submit to a dose of laés, to be administered by a representative from the Draco Foundation immediately following the summoning. At the end of its service, the ally spirit will be allowed to go free.

An ally spirit will inhabit the cat owned by Maude Greider for one year, a period of time that represents Ms. Greider’s current life expectancy. The spirit will provide companionship to Ms. Greider, who already believes the cat talks to her. This arrangement will simply make her belief come true. May your final days be peaceful, Maude — you deserve a little peace.

An ally spirit will use its accident power against Tara Bills three times a week for a period of one year. If she survives, perhaps she will learn compassion for those in the ambulances she is so fond of chasing. And don’t worry, you’ll make new friends after a few years have passed.

An ally spirit will use its binding power to prevent Howard Folkner from walking away from his wife, his mother-in-law, his employees and all others whose opinions and advice he has been ignoring for years. Learn humility, Howie—your track record for making effective decisions on your own isn’t so great. There are certain things you need to accomplish in this life, and you’re obviously not going to do them on your own. Learn to take advantage of your assets.

An ally spirit will use its alienation power on Sir David Meyerhoff for a period of seven weeks.

An ally spirit will maintain a constant telepathic link with Stefan Rubloff for a year and a day. The spirit will provide any and all assistance allowed by this power and required by Mr. Rubloff during this time; in addition, the spirit will provide an update every 20 minutes of its current position and the events and people under its observation. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

To Enrico Hernandez, I leave the pictures in my safe deposit box at the Glendale branch of Angeles Fidelity Bank.

To the first party to track down the Russian crown jewels, I leave that treasure except for the scepter and crown, which the Draco Foundation will return to the descendants of its original owners. According to my research, the jewels were smuggled from the country inside a spinet piano, one of nine belonging to the royal palace. The jewels were not in the four spinets that I have acquired. There are three more that I have been unable to track down, and two currently in the possession of private collectors.

To the gypsies of northern California, I ask that they appear at Shasta Dam on 21 June 2058, at which time Hestaby will distribute ownership rights to land from my California holdings on which they may permanently settle.

To Abigail Ceccion, I bequeath one dozen red roses from the New Zealand horticultural complex to be hand delivered to her residence each week for the rest of her natural life. Maybe now, you damn shaman, you will believe that I never forget a promise. Or a debt. Though how you produced that fourth ace without the aid of major magic is completely beyond my understanding of the game.

To the People’s University of the California Free State, I leave the access code to a Matrix location I think you will find quite useful. My sincere best wishes for your continued existence and success.

To Lawrence Edward Grafton, I leave a stipend of 50,000 nuyen annually for as long as he stays chaste. (Good luck.)

To the parties the Draco Foundation agrees have achieved breakthroughs in the inventions necessary to successful deep-space living and travel, I leave 50 million nuyen each for continuing research.

To Art Dankwalther, I leave the sum of 34,586,224,739.58 in UCAS dollars. According to my calculations and accounting for conversion of the original currency, inflation, and 1 percent interest per annum, this settles my debt to your ancestor for the gold piece he kindly lent me for the last meal we shared.

To Josey Anne Miller, I leave the antidote labeled DDE2, currently stored in my office refrigerator at Gavilan Ventures. You’ll know when to use it.

Beginning in February of 2058, the Draco Foundation will sponsor two annual competitions for the purpose of advancing the frontiers of knowledge, with an emphasis on practical applications. These competitions will be open to the public, with no entrance fee and no formal qualifications required. Winners will receive a patent established in their name by the Draco Foundation, and additional resources for development if applicable.

The first competition (time and date to be announced) will judge magical innovations, including but not limited to such categories as Spell Design, Magical Theory, Magical Objects and Astral Exploration. The second competition will judge technological innovations, including but not limited to such categories as Rigger Technology, Space Technology, Matrix Technology, Medical Technology and Cybernetics. This competition will take place roughly six months after the first competition.

To Bradley Smith, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation.

To Vlad Curcio, I leave my open-ended pass to Virtual World Disney. I’m glad we bumped into each other there last fall, and I hope you’ve recovered from the broken collar bone. “It’s a small world, after all.”

To Ryanthusar I leave my heart, which you will find at my Lake Louise residence.

To the last Knight of the Crying Spire, I leave the suit of armor worn by Richard the Lion-hearted on his Crusade, because it’s up to You to lead the next one. I also leave you the sword Excalibur — unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it at the moment. To whomever finds Excalibur, deliver it to the Draco Foundation for a reward and title. The Draco Foundation will promptly turn the sword over to you, my knight.

> These are the photos referred to in the will. The text that appears on the Mars photos is a bit murky, so it’s reproduced beneath each photo for your edification.
> Captain Chaos

NASA Security Probe · Zeta Test · October 27, 2001 · Alpha Blue Priority… · Top Secret Clearance… · …Destroy if compromised

ARES Space · Project CYDONIA · System T 2111.03 (Sub Route) Node Destroyed · December 8, 2042 · Crimson clearance only… …Destroy if compromised

NASA Sentry Probe · Alpha Test · August 8, 2001 · Alpha Blue Priority · Top Secret Clearance… · …Destroy if compromised

“To the first party to identify the victim in the accompanying photo and bring his five perpetrators to justice, I leave the access codes to my property in Paris…”