Shadowrun books are available through normal retail channels and the Catalyst Game Labs’ Shadowrun Store.

Shadowrun, Fith Edition is just launching, so you can get in on the ground floor right now!

However, there is a long, rich history of Shadowrun books still available in electronic and print formats. While some rulebooks may no longer apply, the vast majority of the sourcebooks published for Shadowrun are still useful. As we roll forward we’ll be updating this online catalog with notes for which books are fully compatible and which require some work on the players’ part to meld with Fifth Edition.

To convey the universe and rules to the Shadowrun community (as well as demonstrate how players can take that universe and integrate it into the game system), Catalyst Game Labs publishes several different lines of rulebooks, sourcebooks, adventures, and so on, described below.

Shadowrun, Fifth Edition Core Rulebook

If you’re new to Shadowrun, dive into the free Quick-Start Rules PDF to get a quick taste of the universe and rules. Once you’ve wetted your appetite, the Fifth Edition Rulebook is the single source you need to dive into all the action, intrigue and magic of all the Sixth World has to offer.

Shadowrun: Runner's Companion

These Core Rulebooks expand on the various aspects found in the previous Fourth Edition Rulebook, providing a plethora of options: more guns, vehicles, and drones; more cyberware, bioware and new nanotechnology; more magic and the metaplanes; new hacking tricks and sprites; more character options…a host of optional rules for any character type. All new core rulebooks supporting Fifth Edition will publish in the future.



The Shadowrun universe is vast, with a depth that’s compelling and immersive. Core Supplements expand various aspects of the universe, whether it’s the core setting location of Seattle, the spirits and paranormal animals that occupy the Sixth World, what’s like to walk the streets out of the shadows, and more.

Shadowrun: Dirty Tricks


Deep Shadows combines a large detailed setting, universe-advancing plot lines, and advanced and specialized gear information in one book to give players and gamemasters a whole host of new options to use in their campaign; plot hooks allow for a myriad ways to tailor the contents to a host of game types.



Though Seattle is the primary location of Shadowrun, the world is large, with a hundred sprawls and and just as many corporations spreading shadows where a runner can find work. Setting Sourcebooks flesh-out the details for cities and countries around the globe, offering additional locals for the team eager to see what’s in the shadows over there.

Shadowrun: Storm Front


The Shadowrun universe is not static. Instead, it’s a dynamic, changing universe, with a host of plot threads of intrigue that weave through-out the Sixth World. Plot Sourcebooks expand upon existing threads or introduce new threads, pushing the universe forward and providing players with new and exciting concepts for their campaigns.



Catalyst publishes several ready-made adventures that offer the non-layer character statistics, hand-outs, maps, setting information, and plot points needed for gamemasters to take players through exciting runs; the specifics details of what setting, which plot points, and so on, are dependent upon the adventure in question.


Campaigns have a simple goal: give players and gamemasters what they need to be immersed in ongoing Shadowrun plotlines while providing the tools needed to run a game easily. The books are designed to combine useful game information with compelling in-universe storytelling to give Shadowrun players everything they need to rush into danger.

CAT26800_Spells and Chrome Cover.jpg


Fiction has always played a seminal part in developing and fleshing-out the Shadowrun universe, from short fiction in sourcebooks, to full-length novels; nothing works as well to immerse a player into the Sixth World. Catalyst Game Labs is releasing brand new fiction, while also starting to make available all previously published novels in epub format.



Beyond the printed rulebooks and source material for Shadowrun, Catalyst is releasing numerous electronic publications that further expands the universe and rules in a myriad directions. These new, Ebook-only published products offer a quick, easy fix for the shadowrunner jonsing for more of the Sixth World they crave.



With twenty years of history, Shadowrun has dozens and dozens of rulebooks, sourcebooks, and adventures that are long out of print. While many of those books have updated versions currently in print, for long years most of that material simply was unobtainable. Now those books are once more available, in PDF format, for use by any player or gamemaster.