Shadows in Focus: Cheyenne now on sale! And oh, hey, Run Faster!

New Shadowrun PDF goodness awaits! Back in January we announced the new Shadows in Focus PDF series, where we pick a spot and use several PDF books to give it a detailed scrutiny. First up was the already-released Sioux Nation book, and now we have the next in the series–Cheyenne (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG)! Here’s what it’s got:

The Minefield of Opportunity

The number of ways you can step wrong in Cheyenne are higher than a lot of shadowrunners can count. There are political, ethnic, tribal, and racial divides, and stepping on the wrong side of them can not only end your job prospects, but it can put you in a hastily dug hole in the ground. Move quickly and be agile, though, and you can slip through the snares that trip up lesser runners, accumulating the street rep and nuyen that will put you at the top of the runner heap.

Cheyenne is the second book in the Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation series, providing details about a Sixth World location steeped in tradition, conflict, and both technological and Awakened dangers. With location details, information on power players, and more, Cheyenne will help flesh out the Shadowrun setting for players and build adventures and campaigns for gamemasters.

Cheyenne is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.


And while we’re talking Shadowrun, which we almost always are, remember that tomorrow, February 18th, is the street date for Run Faster–both in standard and limited editions–and the adventure compilation London Falling!

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