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Shadowrun: Crossfire Street Date of August 27th

“I know I sound like I’m talking about a roleplaying game, and it’s not. But it lends itself well to telling a good story.” Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower


Shadowrun: Crossfire is the hotly-anticipated deck-building game in one of the most popular game settings of all time. Crossing cyperpunk with fantasy and plunging players into a world dominated by ruthless megacorporations, Crossfire gives players the chance to dive into the world’s shadows to see if they can survive. They’ll have weapons, spells, contacts, and gear to help them out, and they’re going to need those resources. If they play their cards right, they’ll do more than survive—they’ll become legends.

Visit your local game store to pre-order Crossfire for its August 27th Street Date. However, if you don’t have a friendly local game store, you can preorder it right now online!

Pre-order Crossfire Base Game
Pre-order Crossfire Character Expansion Pack 1

Shadowrun: Crossfire will be on sale at Gen Con! We’re not able to bring as many copies as we’d like, but there will be some good stacks to ravage!

We just finished a Virtual Run that netted the Demo Box Rules and Cards for anyone to play RIGHT NOW (scroll to the bottom of the page for the last two links). In the coming weeks before the game hits store selves we’ll release more Missions for use with that Demo Box, the complete, full rules, and more! Stay tuned, chummers!

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Shadowrun: Crossfire Virtual Run Winner!

Shadowrun 5 Crossfire Logo
Thanks to all the runners that scoured the Matrix to dig up the pay data so everyone could start playing the Demo of Crossfire.

For those that weren’t able to participate in the run, you can go grab all of the cards and rules now over at

Additionally, congratulations to Vincent Vignola, the winner of the Virtual Run…we’ll be shipping a copy of Crossfire right away!

This was fantastic to orchestrate. Not just to see the enthusiasm of the community tearing through the Matrix. But also to see a vibrant and just as enthusiastic community of gaming news sites instantly step up and be apart of this fun run. A huge, huge thank you to the following sites (in no particular order) that participated…each brings a variety of great news, reviews, interviews and more about the games we love to play…check ‘em out!



thedicetower logo2




Purple Pawn logo

Banner GF Next 4





TOG Logo


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Shadowrun: Crossfire Virtual Run

Shadowrun 5 Crossfire Logo

The highly-anticipated cooperative deck-building game, Shadowrun: Crossfire, is currently on a ship heading towards US shores, our warehouse, and ultimately your gaming table in the near future.

Crossfire-CharacterPack_DemoBoxIn the meantime, we’ve got a Matrix job for the right runner. A runner like you!
We have hidden 15 PDFs across hobby news sites (some are relatively easy…some are gonna require serious skills to track down). Assembling those 15 PDFs will get you access to the 100+ cards, Character Cards and rules for the Shadowrun: Crossfire Demo Box. They’re all prepped and ready to print for those who are too anxious to try the game and do not want to wait any longer.

Now some of you may be tempted to go it alone…but like any good run, you may find a team effort is required to track down all the various urls…but unfortunately, at the end of the day, there can be only one….

Shadowrun 5 Sigil Logo Flat CMYK
Like any good Mr. Johnson, we’re not gonna send you into the shadows without a deal sweetner. Go to, log into the forums, and then take a look at the General Discussion section. There you’ll find a “Crossfire: A Virtual Run” thread. The first person to post a correct set of all 15 urls that allow the download of the 15 PDFs will win a Crossfire core box set. And not some time in the future. Ninety-nine percent of the shipment may be on a ship, but there’s one copy with a winner’s name on it right here and we’ll ship it straight to you. You’ll receive the game before anyone else!

And for those that don’t win … you’ll still have early access to a full demo version of the game you can be running until you can pick up the full game.

Watch your back, conserve ammo, and go out there to win that box!

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Shadowrun: Crossfire Reviewed By The Dice Tower

thedicetower logo2
Our good friends at The Dice Tower have posted a video review of Shadowrun: Crossfire. Additionally, they provide a thorough review of how to play the game, show off the contents, and more.

Haven’t heard of Shadowrun: Crossfire yet? The back of the box provides a thorough run down of the flavor of the game and its contents.


Don’t forget to check out The Dice Towers’ review! The game is on a ship now heading towards our warehouse…look for an announcement of when the game will be on store shelves in the very near future.

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