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Shadowrun Digital Tools Box released! Make Shadowrun easier to play than ever!

We’ve got a doozy of a release for you today! You might have heard about our two upcoming box sets–the Beginner Box Set,  which adds characters, NPCs, and adventures seeds to the quick-start rules to make it easy to discover the world of Shadowrun, and Runner’s Toolkit: Alphaware, which expands on the quick-start rules, provides more adventures, adds character details, and in all ways gives you more tools to run a fast and fun game of Shadowrun with your friends. The print versions of those boxes are moving ahead, but if you don’t want to wait, you can get the goods now with the Shadowrun Digital Tools Box! All of the content from the boxes are here, for the low price of $19.99 (available at the Battleshop and DriveThruRPG)! And not only do you get the content, you also get codes that provide discounts on pre-orders of the physical boxes!

Whether you are trying Shadowrun for the first time, looking to introduce new players to adventure in the Sixth World, or simply want a fast, easy way to play Shadowrun, the Digital Tools Box is for you! Need more info? Well, check out the full description:


The Shadowrun Digital Tools Box is 2 box sets in 1! Whether you’re just getting into Shadowrun or you’re a runner that’s been hitting the streets since the 2050s, you’ll find useful material here for running any type of game. Here’s what you get!


The Shadowrun Beginner Box is the easiest way to dive into the intrigue, grit and action of one of the most enduring role-playing settings of all time! Tailor-designed for an easy-on-the-credstick entry, the Beginner Box includes the following:

    • The Edge of Now gives the flavor and background of the Sixth World
    • Quick-Start Rules: Fast rules and a quick adventure to whet your appetite for more.
    • A pre-generated character booklet: Allows for a gamemaster and one person to run a solo adventure.
    • 5 pre-generated character sheets: Details that’ll allow up to five players to play with the help of a gamemaster.

Whether you’re new to Shadowrun or new to roleplaying, this package will get you into the fun of hacking, shooting, and spellslinging your way to the top!


Scan This, Chummers:

    • Do you play Shadowrun now and are looking for a set of tools to allow you to more easily run your existing group, or that’ll allow you to introduce new gamers to your favorite RPG at your local game store or hangout?
    • Are you a gamemaster ready to give Shadowrun a shot, and you want a few extra tools at your disposal from the first toss of your dice?
    • Have you tackled the Beginner Boxand are ready to move up in the Sixth World?

Say yes to any of those? Then the Runner’s Toolkit: Alphaware is the box set for you.

Designed to provide adventures, maps, and tools to use in conjunction with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, or to be the perfect stepping-stone between the Shadowrun Beginner Box and the core rulebook, this box can fill a number of roles. Whether you’re looking for more tools to help your existing gaming group, or adventures and options to move beyond the Beginner Box, laying the groundwork for your gaming group to move fully onto Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, you’ll find this kit invaluable.

This box has all you need to play a game of Shadowrun, including:

    • Rules of the Street: An 88-page rulebook designed to be accessible and simple to use.
    • Plots and Paydata: 80 pages of adventures and tips for any Shadowrungamemaster.
    • Eight double-sided maps to help players and GMs track the action.
    • 110 spell, weapon, and gear cards for quick reference.
    • 5 pre-generated characters players can use right away.


An exclusive, first access to a 48-page excerpt from the forthcoming Shadowrun novel, Fire & Frost, the first all-new original Sixth World novel in years!


A PDF of codes is zipped with this Digital Tools Box. Once the pre-orders on the physical Beginner Box Set and Runner’s Toolkit: Alphaware go live at, you can use these codes for $5, $10 or even $20 (depending upon the box set(s) you want) off your pre-order!


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Crossfire: Game Play Example

Shadowrun 5 Crossfire Logo

With holidays and sickness out of the way, time to get back to regular posts surrounding all the awesome-sauce Shadowrun stuff coming down the pipeline.

First up as we get back on track, here’s the pre-final Crossfire game play example that appears in the back of the book; I say pre-final because it might change very slightly between now and the final rulebook (which, if my evil plans work out, we’ll be leaking soon).

Shadowrun: Crossfire Rules Booklet

No, I don’t have any details on when it will be available. Still swimming through production and that’s a miasma of ‘fun’ that simply precludes our ability to provide any details. Once we’ve hit some better bench marks we’ll share those details.



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Gun H(e)aven 3 weapons now available in card form!

If you’re a shadowrunner who brings a lot of guns to the table, you might have seen how cards help keep your arsenal organized and easy to reference. We recently released Gun Haven Heaven 3, which has game information on more than thirty firearms, and we’ve now made the game information and art available on card form! Whether you want cards with the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition stats or cards with the Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition stats, we’ve got a deck for you! Each card has a full-color image of one of the firearms, as well as the game stats for that piece. So load up and make sure you’re carrying the right collection of weapons for any situation!


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