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Shadowrun: Crossfire Mission contest voting now open!

A few months ago we announced a contest for fans to design their own mission for Shadowrun: Crossfire. We received some intriguing submissions, and the time has come for fans to vote both on the Fan Favorite mission and on the Wildest Ride! Votes can be submitted at a forum thread posted for that purpose, or they can be e-mailed to So get voting, and good luck to all the designers!

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Sioux Nation PDF out now! Expand your Sixth World adventures!

It’s a big, big Sixth World out there, with lots of danger and weirdness and shadowruns waiting for the right team. At the august and elegant Shadowrun headquarters,we’ve been pondering the best way to give Shadowrun fans a chance to explore the various parts of the world, and the solution we’ve hit upon is the Shadows in Focus series. For this series, we will pick nations that have not been covered recently in Shadowrun products, or places that have not been covered at all, and get an in-depth look at that spot. For each location we pick, you’ll get a national overview, detailed looks at two large cities in that nation, two adventures set in the selected nation, and an Enhanced Fiction short story to help immerse you in that locale.

Up first: the Sioux Nation. The initial book in the series, called Sioux Nation of all things, is out now (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), ready for you to explore! With information on major cities, corporations, law-enforcement entities, power sites, and more, this book has all you need to bring Shadowrun adventures to the Sioux Nation. Whatever type of run you specialize in, be it smuggling, corporate espionage, talislegging, high-level extractions, or what have you, the Sioux Nation is waiting to throw challenges your way!


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