This page is rarely updated — however, Shadowrun developer Rob Boyle uses the service to maintain his Shadowrun bookmarks: Shadowrun Links. This list of links includes all sorts of real world news and info that’s relevant to Shadowrun.

Inside Connections

Shadowrun questions, comments and general info Shadowrun Information.
Website questions and comments Webmaster.
Official Demo Team
Catalyst Game Labs
Catalyst’s online Shadowrun store

Shadowrun in Other Languages

French – Black Book Editions

All links are to external sites and open in a new browser window; please be aware that while we think these links are cool, some of them contain unofficial Shadowrun material. Not all material will be suitable for everyones game, and we take no responsibility for anything you may find via any of these links.

Solid Contacts

Dumpshock Shadowrun Forums and Mailing Lists
The Shadowrun Supplemental
Talon Studios (Steve Kenson)
Herkimer’s Lair
Bull’s Place on the Web
Plastic Warriors
Winterhawk’s Virtual Magespace
The Sixth World Wiki
Shadowrun NPC Wiki
Searchable Shadowrun Timeline
Shadowrun entry at Wikipedia
Shadowrun Fourth Edition Dice Rolling Widget for OS X Tiger

The Cutting Edge

Robotics Dept. of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego
Bioscience and biotech, from the National Health Museum
SciCentral, a site for the latest in health and science research
Space and space-related subjects
The National Security Agency site features cryptography and other spook stuff
The Central Intelligence Agency site has formerly classified documents and the CIA 2000 World Factbook
The Hacker Crackdown, a book by Bruce Sterling about hackers and the hacker movement in the real world
The Hacker Quarterly, an online magazine for the hacker in all of us
Beyond Cyberpunk, one of the original hacker online magazines, from before there was a World Wide Web
Home of the Open Source Initiative and all things free-code-ish
Electronic Frontier Foundation, one of the leaders in protecting individual privacy and fair use rights on the Internet.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center, a comprehensive internet and electronic privacy group.
Wired magazine, internet trendsetter and cutting-edge computer news source.