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Shadowrun Foil Puzzles, Foil Posters Available for Individual Sale

Good news, chummers!

Each of the five foil puzzles we announced recently is now available for individual purchase at $34.99 each. You can still buy the five puzzles as a bundle for $149.99, but the bundle will no longer include the five foil posters for free. The poster set is also now available on its own, priced at $24.99.

Remember, each foil puzzle is limited to 1,000 copies each If we reprint them in the future (if!), they won’t be foil.

Shadowrun Foil Puzzles

Shadowrun Foil Poster – Set of 5

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Announcing Shadowrun Foil Puzzles and Foil Posters

During this time of an absence of Conventions and the continued need to social distance, Catalyst brings you the following package of two great new products!

PICKING UP THE PIECES! Pre-order from our first-ever series of jigsaw puzzles for Shadowrun, printed right here in the USA! Five different images, done in high-quality foil and cut to a 500-standard piece puzzle. Each assembled puzzle is 18″ x 24″ and suitable for framing when complete. These puzzles are all limited to foiled print runs of 1000. Once they are gone, that’s it. These are a “while supplies last” offer. If they appear again, they will be in standard paper, not foiled. (Expected ship date is 7/1/20.).

Who says you can’t socially distance AND enjoy Shadowrun?


FRAME JOBS! Pre-order this set of five jigsaw puzzles before June 22, and your order will include five fully-foiled posters. The set comes rolled in a tube, ready for framing! Each poster is 18″ x 24″ and shows off the same art being used in the puzzle collection! Made in the USA. Expected ship date is 7/1/20.

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Now Available – Sledge Statue; A Kiss to Die (Preorder), Restocks

Sledge Limited Edition Statue
Price: $125.00

Yo, Chummer! Ready to bash into the party and get tactical? Ain’t no one you want backing your six more than Sledge. Street Sam. Big gauge. Heavy rep. And he always packs a couple of good cigars for the afterparty at Dante’s!

This Limited Edition resin statue is 6.5″ high (with base), with a Sprawl-approved master paint scheme. The first of a planned series, Sledge is sure to bring some Sixth World attitude to any collection. 

This is a limited edition item and will not be offered again. Only 750 will be released.

Catalyst Game Labs store:

A Kiss to Die For (Pre-Order)
Price: $2.99


When Sartorial meets Kintsugi at a jabber—an illegal warehouse party—he falls hard and fast for the beautiful human girl. She is everything he didn’t know he wanted—and everything his family hates.

Kintsugi is drawn to the handsome elf boy like no other, but her future has already been planned. A future she intends to thwart. But now there’s something worth staying around for, she’s torn over what to do.

Unfortunately, they both have secrets that will not be kept, and powerful families that have their own goals. It seems like the entire world is trying to keep them apart. Can Sartorial and Kintsugi overcome all obstacles to be together—even after their secrets are revealed?

Universal Book Link:


Good news – No Future and The Neo-Anarchists Streetpedia are back in stock!

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