Legal Information

Who owns Shadowrun?
The Topps Company, Inc. ( owns the Shadowrun intellectual properties.

What is the policy for Shadowrun fan web pages?
Topps encourages the creation and proliferation of non-commercial fan-based Shadowrun websites. If you currently have or wish to create your own unofficial, non-commercial fan website, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  1. Legal Text – Please use the following text at the bottom of your home page and on any other web page that includes Shadowrun material, also if the creator of any artwork is positively known, please insert credit(s) to the artist(s):

    The Topps Company, Inc. has sole ownership of the names, logo, artwork, marks, photographs, sounds, audio, video and/or any proprietary material used in connection with the game Shadowrun. The Topps Company, Inc. has granted permission to < fill in the name of your site > to use such names, logos, artwork, marks and/or any proprietary materials for promotional and informational purposes on its website but does not endorse, and is not affiliated with < fill in the name of your site > in any official capacity whatsoever.

  2. Logo – Permission is granted to use the Shadowrun logo (below) on non-commercial fan web pages. The logo must be accompanied by the legal text above. Please do not alter or modify the logos in any way without Topps’ prior written consent.Please make sure all The Topps Company, Inc. logos have the ® symbol or the ™ symbol!A version of this image with a transparent background is available as a Photoshop file: Download it here
  3. Copyright – It is not permissible to post published copyrighted Shadowrun material, writing or artwork, in whole or in part, on your web pages, without the prior written consent of The Topps Company, Inc..
  4. Commercial use – It is not permissible to sell any product or service that utilizes any aspect of the Shadowrun universe including but not limited to, characters, logo, artwork, marks, and/or any proprietary material, without the prior written consent of The Topps Company, Inc..

What can I do with stuff I download from
Feel free to download and print the material out for your friends and gaming group. Please preserve the copyright notice at the bottom of each page, and do not upload the files to other internet sites – if your friends want to get their own electronic copies, please point them here. This helps ensure that they’ll always get the most up to date files!