Getting Started

Quick-Start Rules
If you’ve not already done so, click on the quick-start rules graphic on the left to download the free PDF that’ll have you tossing dice and running the shadows in no time. Once you’ve tackled the quick-start rules you’ll be ready to dive into game.

Diving In!
Catalyst Game Labs recommends buying the items listed below, in the order they are presented (all these products can be ordered through your local game store, or directly online from Catalyst if they’re not available locally).

“I honestly cannot say enough positive thing about the quality of both products [Beginner Box/Runner’s Toolkit: Alphaware]. Catalyst has truly outdone itself; I never would’ve imagined that the world of Shadowrun could possibly seem as exciting, engaging and deeply nuanced to me now as it did in my early teens, and yet here we are!”

-Z. (

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