Caught up in the Crossfire: An interview with Gregory Marques

Shadowrun 5 Crossfire Logo

The Year of Shadowrun is in full swing, chummers! With even the most scant of information being given about production, Shadowrunners noobie and veteran alike are excited to see their favorite setting experience a new Awakening (or get a full-body Alphaware augmentation, if you prefer a cyber-metaphor). Shadowrun Online and Shadowrun Returns are in full production mode, and we’ve got some sweet tabletop action going with a brand new Edition to the role-playing game proper, as well as several other nova-hot tabletop games.

Starting off this very auspicious year is the Adventure deck-building game Shadowrun: Crossfire from Fire Opal Media. Crossfire is in great hands, featuring some very strong talent in card game design: Gregory Marques, Mike Elliott, Rob Watkins, Rob Heinsoo, Jay Schneider and James “Jim” Lin.

There’s plenty on the ol’ screamsheet of the game to get your inner runner excited:

    Shadowrun: Crossfire is a cooperative deck-building card game for two tofour players set in the gritty, cyberpunk fantasy world of Shadowrun. Playa shadowrunner team and take on tough jobs such as protecting a clientwho’s marked for death, shooting your way out of downtown when a rungoes sour, or facing down a dragon. In each game you’ll improve your deckwith a mix of strategies while earning Karma to give your character cyberupgrades, physical augmentations, magical initiations, weapons trainingand Edge. Shadowrun: Crossfire includes an obstacle deck, black market deck,race and role cards, scenario cards, augmentation stickers, and personalmissions that test a team’s allegiances.

Great! A Crossfire game that doesn’t involve fragile plastic guns or easily lost metal pellets! As awesome as it sounds, it still leaves you wanting a bit more, doesn’t it? Natch, chummer! The good Doctor Belmont has your fix. I was able to conjure up an interview with designer Gregory Marques!

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