Shadowrun Miniatures Game Playtester Submissions Deadline

Shadowrun 5 Sprawl Gangers Logo

Since we announced open solicitations for new playtester groups for Sprawl Gangers less than 48 hours ago, we’ve been absolutely flooded: well over a hundred submissions and rising.

Regardless of whether some groups are not ultimately selected, the work of reviewing that many proposals, verifying which ones we want to include, getting out NDAs, and so on, is simply getting out of hand. While this level of interest is spectacular and once again shows all of us how beloved Shadowrun is, we need to create a cut-off for submissions.

Any submissions from prospective playtesters received before February 4th, midnight PST will still be reviewed. Any submissions received after that time will not be reviewed; i.e. they will be rejected automatically. As much as we’d love to take everyone, that’s simply not realistic.

As a reminder, even if your submission as a prospective playster is accepted for review (i.e. you submitted your request before the cut off time noted above), that does not guarantee you’ll be a playtester. We still must review your proposal and make a decision to include or exclude you.

Thank you SO much for this flash of passion…gonna be a fantastic time as we dive into playtesting this month!

Ross Watson
Randall N. Bills

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