Shadowrun 5 Deluxe “Mayan” Limited Edition Preorders Sold Out

Once again, Shadowrun fans are the absolute best!

We announced last Thursday that online sales blew away our best ever sales records.

However, almost a week latter I can beat that by a fair margin. For both Catalyst’ online shop and DriveThruRPG, Shadowrun, Fifth Edition doubled the previous launch day sales record for any other title ever published. But far more impressive, the first week of sales of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition have still doubled the prior best first week release sales.

And that includes completely selling out of all of the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition Deluxe “Mayan” Limited Edition that we’d set asside for online orders, in one week. While there are still some left, they are specifically reserved for Gen Con and Pax Prime.

Below you’ll find the updated bundle graphic show which bundles are no longer available.

For retailers (or those that want to remind their local friendly retailer), the standard Limited Edition is still available for preorder (and of course the standard hard back). Also, don’t forget our Case Pack Deal of ordering 6 copies of any hard cover edition and receive a free in-store soft cover book!

Thanks chummers!


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