Another Week…and MORE Crossfire Action!

Another week already gone! And wait, what, this isn’t Tuesday! I know, I know, but I’m on a plane in mere hours and Tuesday will be filled with first day build at Gen Con, so getting this out of the way now.

We’ve had a slew of Shadowrun: Crossfire goodness over the last few weeks: the running of Crossfire Virtual Run that unlocked the Demo Kit rules & cards to an additional Mission, Ambulators, for running with that Demo Kit, from the release of the entire rulebook in PDF to the announced Street Date for Shadowrun: Crossfire (and allowing for online pre-ordering).

This week? Time for another Mission to use alongside your Demo Kit. Below are the front and back of the Mission; you can also scroll to the bottom of the Downloads page and click on the last link (SHADOWRUN: CROSSFIRE DEMO KIT MISSION: Closing The Portal) to download the free PDF. (If you’ve not yet taken a look at the Shadowrun: Crossfire Demo Kit rules and print & play cards, you can find them at the bottom of that page as well.)

You’ll notice that the Mission makes reference to the “Harlequin’s Shadow” Crossfire card. That’s in reference to the unique card that you can get at Gen Con; as noted in our Catalyst At Gen Con 2014 announcement, underneath “Shadowrun: Crossfire”, the first 50 people that purchase Crossfire at Gen Con each day will walk away with this cool promo card!

Enjoy the shadows!

CAT27700_Close the Portal Mission Card_Front

CAT27700_Close the Portal Mission Card_Back

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