Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut now out!

It’s a fine day to play Shadowrun! But then, I always think that. Today’s an especially good day, though, because you can get the Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s a standalone version of an expansion to Harebrained Schemes’ critically acclaimed Shadowrun Returns computer game that was even more critically acclaimed than the original. How critically acclaimed? Well, people said things like this:

“This is a developer that understands and loves their source material, which very evidently comes out in their work. Consequently, Shadowrun: Dragonfall is another home run for the up-and-coming studio.” —Hardcore Gamer

The writing and story remains the same high quality from the main game and feels a bit more cohesive from Dead Man’s Switch; that story took a lot of twists and turns but Dragonfall feels more focused by giving you a personal connection right from the start. If you enjoyed your first taste of Shadowrun, then Dragonfall should be an immediate purchase.” —Destructoid

I’m going to remember Dragonfall for a long, long time. When the topic of great RPG stories comes up, I’ll mention it in the same breath as Dragon Age or Knights of the Old Republic.” —PC Gamer

You get the point. So the good news is, if you want to jump right into Dragonfall, you can, and there’s extra content added. It’s got five new missions, new endings, revamped combat, and more!

Now, if you already bought Dragonfall, I’m going to assume you’re already playing the new stuff, because the update is completely free. Just go get it! If you don’t have it–well, the best campaign released for the best Shadowrun computer game of the millennium is just sitting there, waiting for you.


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