Market Panic and Serrated Edge now out! What are they? Read on!

It seems like it’s about time to have some new Shadowrun releases, doesn’t it? I mean, besides the awesome news about electronic versions of classic novels. How about two new books That’s right, two books are now available for available for PDF purchase and print pre-order. First, we have the corporate sourcebook for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition –it’s called Market Panic (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), and it’s your guide to the plots and plans the Big Ten are hatching as they scramble for that elusive extra billion nuyen. We also have a new adventure for you called Serrated Edge (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG). Set in Denver, it gives you the chance to expose some wolf in sheep’s clothing–and put in motion events that will shake up the Sixth World! But let’s take them one at a time.

First is Market Panic, with detailed info on each member of the Big Ten, plus a look into the life of a corp drone and the machinations of the Corporate Court:


Chaos is horrible for business—unless your business is shadowrunning. The Big Ten megacorporations of the Sixth World are reeling, with scandals, disasters, and crippling attacks coming at them from all angles. NeoNET is scrambling to maintain AAA status, Ares is trying not to let the secret rot at the heart of the corp become public, while Aztechnology, fresh from taking on a dragon in Amazonia, is looking at a facedown with another great dragon. And that’s not all—every corp is a pile of schemes, turmoil, upheaval, and teetering chaos, because that’s how they operate.

Market Panic runs down the state of the Big Ten for Shadowrun, providing the background, story developments, and plot hooks players and gamemasters need to add excitement, intrigue, and Sixth World flavor to their adventures and campaigns. If you’re going to run for or against the big megacorporations—and that includes all shadowrunners—this is critical information to have so you know what you might get thrown into, who you’re going up against, and how you might obtain enough intel to survive. Market Panic is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.


Next up is Serrated Edge, everything you need for a hot time in the Sixth World’s leading city of intrigue and espionage, Denver:


The Sixth World is many things, including a stunning series of case studies on the mechanisms of hate. There are some true experts out there, people who know that just walking up to someone or something you don’t like and throwing a solid punch is satisfying, but nowhere near as satisfying as causing destruction that runs deep and lasts forever.

The Aurora Warrens of Denver hold a dark secret, as some people trusted to help its residents are instead giving full rein to their darkest impulses. Shadowruuners typically are not heroes riding in to save the day, but in this case the work they’re being offered gives them a chance to dig into these secrets, perhaps fix some of them, and maybe even bring a few people to justice—however they happen to define justice. With dark secrets, double-crosses, and plenty of nuyen flying around, Serrated Edge gives players plenty of chaos to keep up with while launching them into a series of adventures that will shake up the city of spies and maybe bring about a better future. Or curse it to worse.

Serrated Edge is an adventure for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.


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