I can summon monsters

Seriously. I can. I know, it’s late right now, and maybe I’m not thinking clearly, but here’s the deal–I typed something, innocently, into Facebook. Something my toddler daughter said about pandas that was nonsense. She said “Pandas like to blow up fire.” Really, she said that. And I thought it was cute and funny, but that was it. But then this panda creature that blows up fire (whatever that means) came across my screen as a whole illustration–a pandamander.

PamanderSo great. I knew what it looked like. But what does it do? More importantly, how could I use it in Shadowrun game terms?

I didn’t have to wonder for long. Soon, this arrived:


It’s clear, then. With the work I have been doing on the upcoming critter book, Howling Shadows, I have gained the ability to summon new beasts out of thin air. Either that, or I know some really creative, really weird people who do things when whims strike them. Which is also good.

h/t to Kat Hardy and Jackson Brunsting

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