Burning Bright Legends Epub Available

This week’s Shadowrun Legends installment is Burning Bright (BattleShop, DriveThruRPG).


    MISSING: Mitch Truman, heir apparent to an entertainment megacorporation. He may have fled his parents for the sake of love, but if magic is involved the reason could be darker…

    WEALTHY: Dan Truman, CEO of media giant Truman Technologies, doesn’t care how much it costs–he wants his son back. He’ll hire the best to find his heir, even if their motives are suspect…

    EXPERIENCED: Kyle Teller’s done this job before. He knows the tricks of the trade, and not only because he’s a mage. He thinks finding the missing boy will be easy. Why shouldn’t it be?

    But will money and experience be enough to defeat the terrible power growing beneath the city of Chicago?

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